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Mary E. Knippel is the Soul Story Writer, who supports Coaches, Consultants, Authors, in other words Transformational Leaders, connect to their soul’s wisdom and empowers them to express themselves in the written word. She is on a mission to help women discover their voices, help them be heard and empower them to claim the soul story only they can tell.  

Mary E. Knippel writes and speaks about how individuals and businesses can articulate their life’s wisdom to achieve tangible results. She will inspire you to share the story only you can share.  

Her company, YourWritingMentor, is an inspiration driven education company supporting writers to become authors, grow their businesses and to leave a legacy beyond this lifetime.  

YourWritingMentor supports writers through its online and in-person education programs. Because so many women have been told their stories don’t matter, Mary is committed to helping women articulate the wisdom gleaned from their life’s experiences their transformational story. As a life-long journal writer, Mary understands the vulnerability and the importance of showing up on the page. First for yourself, and then for those who need the wisdom you are here to share.

The Secret Artist

"The Secret Artist-Give Yourself Permission to Let Your Creativity Shine" chronicles how she used writing as a healing tool throughout her first two breast cancer journeys. At the end of each essay, she encourages readers with writing prompts to write their own story.


In 2022 Mary stepped into the role of publisher as the compiler of the Amazon bestselling collaborative book "Written In Her Own Words-Wise Woman Wisdom". Previously, she participated in numerous co-author projects as a contributor, editor and ghost writer.

Retreat Leader

In 2023, Mary added Retreat Leader to her offerings. A devoted retreat participant, Mary facilitates the Wise Woman Wisdom Retreat which features many opportunities for those attending these intimate gatherings to be welcomed into a world designed to encourage their creativity and enhance their voice.

Mentor and Journalist

As a writing mentor and journalist for four decades, Mary uses her intuitive skills to ask thought provoking questions to help writers discover and craft the stories longing to be revealed.

Mary is active in the writing communities from Minnesota, Colorado and throughout California in various roles as a contributing columnist, speaker, workshop facilitator and/or independent editor.

Women’s National Book Assn-San Francisco Chapter (current member, program speaker, and past president)

California Writers Club-Peninsula Branch (club member, program speaker, and past board member)

San Francisco Writers Conference (SFWC), staff member since 2004. (Mary’s role at the first in 2004 was babysitting the purses in the volunteer lounge. Since then she’s honed her writing and editing skills and held the position of Indep Editor Coordinator for the past eight years.)

More About Mary

Mary lives in Half Moon Bay, California with her husband. Mary is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism. She earned her degree the same year she and her husband adopted a baby girl. To Mary’s delight, the baby girl has a baby of her own which has blessed Mary with the title of NaNa.


"I had never considered myself a writer, however Mary has taught me we all have a story to tell. Her Writing Room is a safe place for me to go write for an hour every Tuesday. She helps us to relax and hear our inner voice and to get it on the page. I highly recommend that you check out Mary, especially because we all have a story to tell. When will you start yours?"

Tina P.

"Mary E. Knippel’s class at the Cedar Falls Christian Women’s Writers Workshop was my utmost favorite among the many experts in the field of writing who spoke during the 3-day conference. Her excellent message was God-ordained, and God-given making me feel the very presence of the Holy Spirit all over the place. The reflective writing exercises were dynamite. After the class, I only wanted a quiet space to breathe in all Mary had given, to pray, to write, and to be more present in my craft as a writer. I found the whole experience very encouraging. It was a great message for any writer regardless of where one is in their writing life – beginner or seasoned."

Lyn Vande Brake

"I hired Mary to write an article for me which was going to be in Coastviews Magazine. It was a beautiful article and is still linked on my website. Later she wrote my press release when I moved my business. When the need arises I will hire her again."


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